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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Keeping it Real When Writing Whatever…

Our self-criticisms often run deep – to the casual observer. In my estimation, I have the tendency to be preachy. But then again I come from a family filled with ministers.

Now there is nothing wrong in sermonizing. Rather it helps in making your subject read real. Imagine yourself standing behind the pulpit in front of an assemblage of churchgoers as your web audiences. Their starry eyes look to you for their weekly dosage of preaching(s). This is a good way to learn how to deliver straightforward and rewarding content. Take heed it is important not to overtly sermonize when writing text meant to instruct or motivate a reader. You want the casual observer to understand or come to your way of thinking – but in doing so keep it real.

The article does not have to be written entirely in common lingo. Rather it should reflect your knowledge as a SME.

There are times when you must insert word usage that is bound only to the industry your words are serving. Every business has its own speak, its singular and distinct words that relate to the commerce. That is bespoke writing when the content addresses the professional discipline of the audience. Keep them captive because that is where you will discover the riches in niches.

When you find what you know best. Explore your own style of content that will deliver what suits best a blog, speech prep or eBook.

I love the saying “If you build it they will come”. It belies so much false optimism, because if it has no value they will not come back. So… the same goes with creating content that fails to address – reach, satiate the need of the observer to know or be amused.

It is ok for an SME or content creator to be preachy, just keep it real when writing whatever…

Do you not agree?

Friday, November 14, 2014

Her Journal

Volume one…

I came into this life during a time of great change. It is period of great achievements resulting from many millennia of hard work and bloodshed; all done to achieve the Ma’at…the Universal Balance. Five thousand years of my life have passed in the beat of a heart. I stand now in awe on threshold of the coming of a new beginning.

As the Protectress, my walk through life has often been solitary and I have taken the lives of millions but I am not alone. My lovers, Ptah and Saul are at my side to usher in this new time. My second born and son Merneptah is the Ptah a’ Tanen. He will end my tribe’s tradition and assume the mantle of the first male Protector and Steward of our beloved Earth. I have created the monster in this beautiful giant male…for he is a supreme killer of our enemies and the Old Ones. He is the ultimate warrior.

But I digress and there’s more of me I want to share beyond the writings of my brother Ptah. Many things you need to know about our lives that Ptah failed to share in his books.

Let me begin at the beginning. You may not know that my life began during the times of the Pharaoh Menes. My brother and I were born to the alpha pair of sister and brother as was the way in our tribe. The mantle of the Protector always follows the bloodline falling on the shoulders of the firstborn…the female. My tribe continued its old ways even beyond the Great Destruction. My mother Asherah was the greatest of the Protectors. My father El was her consort. The roads to survival for both tribes were hard and violent. But my parents were supreme warriors and often turned the sea of desert sands red with enemy blood in defense of our tribes.

Earth’s great land shifts had long passed. My tribe called it the Great Destruction because so many of us died. There remain for a time smaller earthquakes here and there. Human Kind learned as did we to stake our homes in places of calm in order to rebuild our families. By the time of the coming of my brood, the splitting of great lands forming new continents and new oceans became mere stories told from retellings of our elders.

We witnessed the coming of man. We witnessed the awful struggles. For eons, my tribe remained silent. Until the time arrived with a revelation that humanity and my tribe, would one day merge to become the greatest expression of the Ma’at? The greatest and strongest beings ever to walk this earth would need a path to follow, one that would engage the supreme balance in consciousness. Right and powerful causes must be put to work in order bring about the omnipotent effects needed to live in a new way. The dual mandates within the future of this great generation must be wisdom and strength. So my ancient parents, Teachers and Healers came to call this the “Plan”.

Simply stated we started out over 200,000 years ago to create a grand scheme that would shape global consciousness timed to the emergence of the new tribe. We would alter the history and the future of Human Kind. It took enough lifetimes of genetic engineering and social restructuring to fill oceans.

Over the eons, our love grew for the human kind. You became part of our lives. It was love that served to cement and make real the “Plan”. In modern times, we shaped our great wealth to form the Neith Foundation. That colossal corporation is the silent overseer of the “Plan”.

Later I will share more.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The New Global Sounds of Music are from Our Roots

Cross-cultural music is becoming as commonplace as sharing fashion styles. With new technology comes a new music that embraces new instrumentation mimicking the ancient and soulful melodies that would even feel at home in Motown. Westerners have always espoused that music is universal. Yet in our western culture, we tend to take Bach into space instead of a Tuareg lullaby or the soul bending sounds of a Tamil love song.

Like the film noir of the ‘30′s and ‘40′s and black white images in jazz memes, the new music that splashes against many shores is alive with color from parts unknown, from little known cultures and artists that are new to the listener.

Like the German-Japanese sound magician Naoki Kenji – his supernatural keyboard artistry is home to the flavor of Japanese dissonance. Yet the harmonic drive of acoustic base and melody is at home anywhere. His influencers are Al Jarreau and Ivan Lins. His music has enjoyed celebrity status in Japan, Europe, and the US.

Artisan Praful is a German whose real name is Ulrich Schröeder. He began creating jazz as a small child. His acid jazz rhythm has stayed at the top of charts for a record-breaking 70 weeks. He lives near Amsterdam and is master to a host of instruments including the saxophone. His influencers are John Coltrane and Charlie Parker. He has a special affection for Pat Metheny’s earlier work, the syncopated beats of Brazil.

Susheela Raman is a Tamil born in a small town in northern India. She grew up in London and has the vocals of a Dionne Warwick. Chasing the soulful harmonics of Reggae in her traditional cultural songs has garnered her success as a movie sound track vocalist with a huge global following.

For thousands of years, a tall, elegant people roamed the ancient deserts of Northern African. They are the nomads and proud people of the Tuareg. Once called the blue people, or people of the blue veil, their tribe is home to gifted guitarist and singer Bombino. Now that his tribe has come under Islamic fundamentalist rule, Bombino risks his life to bring music to the world. He and his friends learned to play guitar by watching films of Jimi Hendrix and Mark Knopfler.

“The curious beauty of African music is that it uplifts even as it tells a sad tale. You may be poor, you may have only a ramshackle house, you may have lost your job, but that song gives you hope. African music is often about the aspirations of the African people, and it can ignite the political resolve of those who might otherwise be indifferent to politics.” -Nelson Mandela, 1st President of South Africa

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Meretneith and Merneptah The Protectress Book 2

Meretneith on the back of Gideon rode until the desert became an undulating sea of black. They still had not detected the scent of her tribe of desert folk, Inanna’s tribe. She thought that they must have journeyed very far from familiar camping places. Then sliding down a tall erg, rider and horse picked the scents from the air of another tribe. It was Khalid’s kin. Meretneith could see the distinct campfires like stars in a black sky. They headed for the deep sparkles of light at a full run. The encampment was close to her parents’ caves.

A group of males rode out to greet her. Meretneith’s heart soared as she recognized many of the faces. Dismounting from Gideon at a run, she stood encircled by warriors. They were chanting her welcome. Here they still called her the Walking Goddess, the Bringer of Death Everlasting. Meretneith bowed in homage to her caregivers. This tribe went back to the days when Assyrians took hold of a weakened Egypt. While families of Ba’al offspring built cities these families became roaming tribes of the deserts near Moab.

She remembered these families well. Mounting Gideon again, she rode to the campfires as warriors flanked her. They entered the encampment where children and young female warriors ran to greet her. The older ones stood near the fires in a groups. Meretneith knew this ritual well. The older female warriors paid homage to her formally and with great pride.

Slowly Meretneith’s sandal feet touched the sand. Desert winds whipped at the abaya that draped her body. She lifted the soft silk organza over her head revealing her body to all. Immediately the older females dropped to the sand awaiting her approach. She stood before them now, her hair lifted by the wind. Meretneith stood with legs apart, hands on hips.

“I come to you because of my love for you and our deserts. Stand and welcome me as your own, for my heart is with you.”

The females stood. The oldest approached and embraced Meretneith. Then all the females cheered removing the dark blue fabric from their bodies. Wrapping the cloth at their middle the music and feasting began, their goddess had returned. When Meretneith tired, they ushered her into a large tent. A bed of silk rugs and pillows was prepared for her. Dozing Meretneith thought of the family she left behind. She would send word for the family to leave for Chicago without her. Time must be spent for training and to center on what lay ahead. She awoke to the strong scent of a young male.

His presence did not alarm her, the scent was tribe, but it surprised her. What male would dare enter her tent alone? This youth was in heat. He had no female for his pleasuring. Then a cold realization took her. This was a caregiver. Meretneith quickly flipped over to view his face.

Busy preparing her bath in a great brass tub his back was to her. Bare from the waist his shoulders and back was enormous, his skin the rich deep coffee of his tribe. The tendrils of glossy black long hair cut blunt to the shoulder blades. He spoke over his shoulder,

“Arsay granted my request to be your new caregiver Meretneith.”

He turned to rise to his full height. Meretneith was impressed. This male was stunning in every way. The long prominent nose was offset by huge almond shaped eyes that dominated his face. The full lips were parted in a smile. Deeply arched brows gathered at the center of his forehead. Meretneith guessed that he was no older than a few hundred years. As an offspring, he had just entered manhood. With most of his youth spent in training and education; this one was cloistered and had foregone marriage or sexual commitment. He was part of Arsay’s select group of male warrior caregivers. Meretneith had met but a few. There were stories of his kind. Nevertheless, Meretneith felt her anger brewing. Arsay gave her no warning of assigning a caregiver warrior. Yet this was Arsay’s way. She knew Meretneith would refuse her request. Meretneith had been too long without a caregiver and the tribal council would have voiced objections long ago. However why should she be given a male?

His deep smooth voice spoke again; this time in ancient speech. It startled Meretneith that the words came with no effort, smooth, true in form, and content.

“Meretneith, do I not please you?”

“You please my eyes beautiful one, not my mind. Why was I not told of your coming? How did you know I would find this tribe and what is your name?”

Meretneith walked closer to him fully prepared to inflict pain.

“My name is Hadid ben Abijah. Arsay told me yesterday you were heading for the caves. She had the Council and her brother’s permission to assign me. You were not told because Arsay said you would refuse me.”

“You are of the house of Abijah? You are Khalid’s brother?”

“Yes goddess.”

“Arsay is right I would have refused you. I still refuse you, Council consent or no. Leave me young one before I hurt you.”

Meretneith turned from Hadid looking for a wrap. He approached her from behind, gently wrapping her in soft linen. The scent of him was maddening. Meretneith was not surprise to feel the familiar moisture gathering in her nether, the pain gnawing and wetting. She knew he would detect the scent of her arousal. That angered her more.

“Please leave me young one. I have no time for you. Do not force me to throw you from the tent.”

“I will. First let me bathe you.”

His voice had the unmistakable allure of the males of his tribe. They were all males born to the fight. Arsay cultivated this family for over 4,000 years. She and Pidray trained them from birth. The smooth muscled form lifted the scented water filled tub. The aroma of him and the soothing oiled water was intoxicating.

Turning on him suddenly with the speed of a heartbeat the goddess grabbed his arm. He did not resist. Meretneith was suddenly aware of being gently carried across the tent. She was stunned. This was a powerful male, fruit of more than one offspring tree. His powerful movements were swift and easy. Taking the wrap from her body, gently he lowered her into the bath then turned to leave. Meretneith felt her anger grow.

“Young One look at me! Who are you that you handle your Protectress this way?”

“Protectress, you have been the source of my life. Since a babe, I’ve wanted nothing else but to be your caregiver. When word came of how old Inanna was, we knew it was a matter of time before she would go to the light leaving you alone. When Arsay came to my mother asking for me, my mother told her that I was for you alone. I would train to be warrior but caregiver to no one but Meretneith. Can you understand what I am saying?”

He approached Meretneith slowly looking into her eyes.

“I was given to Arsay with the promise that I would be a caregiver to no other. I know you have never had a male caregiver and companion. All know of your love for Ptah. There was no other for you except the god Ptah, until the Chosen One. I can be your pleasure no one else’s until you part for the light. Do you know what this means to me?”

Meretneith was stunned. Hearing his words was difficult. “This means that you have abstained from pleasuring. All of your energies have driven your training in anticipation of becoming my caregiver. How could one like you do such a thing?”

“How can I not? I was born to this. I’ve not wanted anything else, except your love.”

Meretneith whispered, unsure of what to say to this male, “Young One love and pleasuring is not something I give freely. Those who have demanded it of me have not lived long or have endured great pain.”

“I know this. Athtar has shared tales of your punishment of males who have thoughtlessly tried to force your emotions. Pain delivered by your hands doesn’t matter to me. If you prefer I’ll return to Arsay and become one of her warriors.”

Meretneith stared at the male for a time. He was stunning to the senses. His manner wore the unmistakable stamp of Ba’al, which meant he was brother to Saul. The scent of him was magical; Meretneith could feel her body responding to him. She sank into the warm bath inhaling deeply the aroma of spices and herbs. Her senses were being soothed.

Re…bathe me young one. I’ll make my decision tomorrow.”

Quickly he crossed the tent to kneel beside the tub. His hands were as smooth as silk. He did not join Meretneith in the bath, as the female of his kind often do; rather he kept his position at tub side.  His great gentle hands cleansed her body. The feel of his touch on her skin soothed and subdued her irritation. He massaged slowly and deeply her tired muscles. They smoothed the silken oily soap over her skin. She moaned aloud when his fingers found their way to her pleasuring places. His strokes were gentle and urgent. Gently parting her thighs, he massaged the oils deep. Her breathe came in gasps. Meretneith succumbed to the force of it allowing her body to become limp in a smooth release. Sighing she was lifted from the bath and rubbed dry. Hadid whispered.


Meretneith lifted her lips for him. He inhaled the breath of her and shuddered.

Not until she lay in bed wrapped in soft linen did she speak again.

“Young One we go to the caves tomorrow. I promise you nothing until you prove to me that you are worthy to walk at my side. No one will ever replace my Inanna. I have never endured a male caregiver. My solitary road is a hard one. I don’t expect to return from this next fight. Tomorrow the training will be difficult.”

Hadid started to leave the tent then hesitated.


Meretneith allowed her anger to show. “Young One! Do not call me goddess. I tolerate such foolishness from the tribes because it brings then comfort. If you wish to become my caregiver, please call me Meretneith. I need your trust and respect not your adoration. Adulation does not win battles nor does it make me happy. Hasn’t Arsay explained this to you?”

For the first time in their meeting, Meretneith felt his uneasiness, a slight increase in his heartbeat. This angered her more.

“What in hell is wrong with you?”

Hadid approached Meretneith again speaking as he came, “Your anger tells me that you are heart weary as well. You are afraid for your son, Merneptah. I’m also afraid that you will not allow me to become your caregiver. Please understand me when I say that being with you is as close as I will come to heaven on Earth.”

She lay stunned looking into his great eyes. His strong jawbone clinched in the anger, she knew was there. He was unaccustomed to being talked to in this way.

“Hadid, sleep at my side tonight, guard me so that I may truly rest. We’ll train and talk tomorrow. You know my ways.”

“Yes Meretneith. Gideon will be ready before Re awakens. Would you do one thing?”

“Yes Hadid.”

“Arsay tells me that you lived among my human kind in Sumeria. One day will you tell me some of what you know if them?”

“Of course,”

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

He Made an Ordinary Remark for an Extraordinary Audience

Satya Nadella’s reply to the growing awareness of inequality among women leaders in technology at the Grace Hopper Celebration was an ordinary response; if the listeners comprised a unique cultural circle. Nevertheless, the ordinary commentary fell on the ears of an extraordinary audience. There is a expanding subliminal sense in humanity for social parity that will shape global socio-economies for generations.  Let the truth be known that if Satya were not CEO of the globe’s largest software company…his unfortunate audible would go unnoticed. He said…

On October 9, 2014, while speaking at the Grace Hopper Celebration, a women's technical conference, Nadella stated: "It's not really about asking for the raise, but knowing and having faith that the system will actually give you the right raises as you go along," Nadella said[37], according to a recording on the website of the event, the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing.

"Because that's good karma," Nadella continued. "It'll come back because somebody's going to know that's the kind of person that I want to trust." - Wikipedia

Thanks to the modernity of technologies such as tweets and Facebook connections, those unscripted utterances went viral instantly to millions. Mr. Nadella’s commentary was in response to a highly charged political nugget. His talk was classic if you follow many age-old Asian ideologies.  The sentiments driving the words were not meant to garner support of the inequity or to ruffle feathers.  Rather it was meant to teach and assuage. Worldly commerce now dissolves sovereign borders creating a new need for serious social studies. How do we shift into the new norm of “political correctness”?

In the late 1980’s, when the EU was still just a suggestion, many economists pondered whether the fact of variance within cultures could create a “more perfect monetary union”, a monetary system that would rival the dollar.  The cultural divides between southern and northern Europe seemed obvious then.

The concept of “moral hazard” has become the great bell weather in how the ECB and Northern Europe will conduct the monetary reconstruction of the current liquidity trapped Southern Europe.  If regulators of shared monetary systems built on post war economics, struggle to regulate within western culture’s social diversity. How do we build a bridge of understanding amongst our thought leaders on how to think before addressing the most fundamental of global cultural norms?  

Universal C Suite occupiers grapple daily to avoid such political moments.  Rest assured that these tiny parcels of time are unavoidable. Going forward there are varied cultures that compose leadership within global commerce giants that dictate how our socio- economies will behave.  It is needful that business leaders become culturists and learn to think and listen in global ways. Their audiences must learn how to listen, and then appreciate the richness of our multicultural world while making allowances accordingly. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Can You Say Fifty Shades of No?

While erotica eBook sales contributed greatly to the swelling electronic book revolution. It heralds new pathways to achieving extreme profitability amongst publishing heavies like Barnes & Nobel, and Amazon. Heads up, PwC sees nothing but increased revenue in eBook sales for the foreseeable future. Nevertheless, the list of the top ten publishers worldwide has not changed.

The same big players in traditional and eBook publications are still the main hawkers in the sport of making lots of money in print media. Add the fact that trending global demographics spell new sources of disposable incomes.  Small e-commerce romance eBooks are becoming streams of important revenue gains. How important?

In the first quarter of 2012 adult eBooks showed an increase in sales of 28.16%. That translated into a quarterly income of $282.3M. The numbers of e-Readers purchasing erotica and romance genres are swelling and the participating demographics are changing.

E-Readers are taking the embarrassing out of sensual reading. Dare we say that Anne Rice has taken ownership of her Beauty’s Release? The reformatted cover and updated version now available for eBook readers is enjoying a rare comeback. In an effort to stem the growing tide of unsanctioned erotica Amazon, PayPal, Pinterest and others, are attempting to find their “censorship” voices. Can we say 50 Shades of no?

In this new medium for entertainment, consumer driven demand will dictate how this genre will be made available. Globetrotters, vacationers and daily commuters will be purchasing the latest and greatest in electronic readers. It makes that long airtime shorter when you can entertain yourself with a 100 Shades of Grey.

Smaller publishers in e-commerce are growing. They are still reliant on the services of the deep-pocketed Amazon to help in selling, or PayPal to act as transaction merchant. Nevertheless “censoring” what constitutes safe erotica, is like corralling wild horses after the fact. Technology is changing global senses of self-awareness. Availability and expansion of varied genres will challenge traditional value systems. Therefore how and what we read will alter socializations. This all translates in enhanced e-commerce profits for those brave enough to test new waters.Asian Business man using a  touch pad PC

Donning the mantle of director in chief of how smut will be smutted in a morphing global society will be a challenge. New markets will emerge and new providers will be there to fill neglected niches. They will become the centers for erotica and romance memes, which is rapidly becoming billion dollar businesses. The quest for sensational titillation will not be denied. As taste for casual reading evolves, the discoverer of the next E L James will win the day and future profits.  Giant global e-commerce business has its’ eyes on the rear view mirror. Jeff Bezos is already priming the consumer for new upgrades to Kindle.

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