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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Coming of Seth Book 3 of the Protectress Coming to in March 2015


Chapter 1

After the Ascension – It Flows from Within Like a River

She stood on the balcony of her bedroom gazing at the full moon. Its image mirrored in detail on the surface of the still lake. Aisha waited for Merneptah. In the distance, the familiar voices of anglers shouted evening greetings on their way to shore. Lights from passing vacationers’ yachts moved smoothly by as sounds of music and laughter traveled along the deserted beach. Her thoughts still dwelled on the Ascension ceremonies and Merneptah’s beautiful proclamation of love written in song to their world. The air was still. She heard Khalid’s chopper overhead, the muted putter slowly fading into the distance. Aisha felt rather than heard Merneptah enter their room.

The giant went to the fireplace, removing his white shirt as he went. Throwing it on the nearby sofa, he bent to ignite the logs. He stood staring down into the fire until he was satisfied that the flame was well on its way. She did not move. Aisha’s love was silent until he wrapped his arms around her pulling her close. Leaning into Merneptah’s embrace she whispered, “I never knew any male could love me the way you do. I’ve never felt such pain and joy all at once before.” Then looking up into his face,

“I can’t be without you ever and if this is something that will end, let me know. I want the pain to offset the joy I feel now. I want some reality to this.”

He said “Little One this is the reality and it isn’t all joy. Tonight you were angry because you felt your space intruded and that I was hiding something from you. That is the way with our tribe. There will come a time when you won’t hear from me for long periods. I can’t share everything with you. You are no warrior Aisha and you do not know the ways of battle. The war is ongoing and is a part of everyday in our lives.”

Aisha pressed her lips to his chest feeling the smooth warmth of it. He rumbled, “My family may appear relaxed at times, but we are always on guard, now more than ever. No beloved, it’s not joy all the time, only when I’m with you. Khalid makes sure, at the risk of his life, that I can have these moments with you in relative comfort. If it weren’t for him and many like him, I would have little or no life of joy.”

“You love him?”

“I do. He has been at my side since I took him from his mother’s tit.”

She stared at him, looking at the big beautiful face. Its features painted moonlight silver. Merneptah chuckled pulling her close again,“No Little One. I have not been pleasured by this male.”

“That wasn’t what I was thinking. Not all of us are homophobic Merneptah.” There was an edge to her voice.

“I’m sorry…. I’ve grown accustomed in this age of such things. Phobias are fashionable in your brood.”

“No baby, I was thinking how painful it must be when those you love die.”

“It’s more than many can bear. Someday you will meet those of us who have ceased to love. The pain of separation is for some too much.”

Aisha sighed, “I wish now that I could have given you a child to be with you when I am gone.”

Merneptah swept her into his arms carrying her to the bed. The deep voice rumbling as he carried her across the room,

“This is not the time for such talk Little One. Tonight I want to take my pleasure with you.”

Lowering her to the bed, he removed the fine silk organza she still wore from the ceremonies. She lay nude in the moonlight streaming through the open balcony doors, casting fanciful patterns across the highly polished wood floors. Merneptah took the moment to stare at her. He wanted to commit to memory this night. Even in the dark room, she could see the smile on his face, remembering again how just hours ago he so eloquently proclaimed his love for her. Standing to remove his jeans, she held her arms out to him. Merneptah moaned while covering her body with his. He felt her exhale under the massive weight. Lifting up, he gazed down at her. Lifting her lips to be caressed Aisha whispered, “Merneptah”

“I can’t wait.” He breathed into her ear.

Lifting her hips while wrapping his waist with her legs, she caressed the hard and pulsing cock before pushing it deep, feeling the satisfying fullness of it. The feeling joy coursed through her body like white heat. He moaned loudly placing his lips to her neck as the explosion came deep, tormenting his body with pleasure. Causing his muscles to twitch and tremble in its wake. He lay atop her again whispering her name.

Pushing him off her, Aisha rolled him over to capture his cock. Again, her hand tortured it with long strokes. Gazing at her busy hands, he smiled. Whispering, “You are greedy.”

Aisha giggled as she lowered her lips to his cock making him ready for her secrets again. Lifting his hips to meet the urgent strokes of her lips, his soul merged with the heat of her mouth. Until unable to contain his joy, he pulled her atop him, pushing deep inside her. Hands resting on her smooth hips he exploded again. This time she joined him in the release. Throwing her head back, she moaned aloud, then collapse atop him. They slept until dawn.

When he awoke, she was not there. Startled that he had slept through her rising he quickly left their bed running down the stairs to the great room. Testing the air for her scent as he went Merneptah found her in the sunny kitchen making “food for his soul”, “Aisha…female why didn’t you wake me?”

“Because I wanted to fix breakfast without having to ask first,” Giggling as she spooned the thick white grits from a pot. Merneptah groan with pleasure of the aroma of hot biscuits and a sausage he knew nothing about.

“Aisha what is that wonderful smell?”

“It’s the meat I asked Khalid to get for us last week. It’s a lamb sausage sort of. It was the best he could do on such short notice. I’ve tasted it. It’s good. Eat baby.”

“I am. I’m hungry enough to eat you.” He grabbed her waist pulling her close. Burying his face between her breasts, he nudged the cloth of his shirt to insert his lips and tongue.

Aisha squealed, “Merneptah…food now.”

He allowed her to pull away. Settling at the colossal rustic dining table he watched her top his grits with butter, then taking the meat from a serving plate added that. Lifting the plate, he inhaled the aroma of it. One hour later after devouring six biscuits and the entire pot of grits and meat, he grabbed for his beloved. Aisha stuff the last of a meat fill biscuit into her mouth, and running through the house, entered the bath. They were dressed just in time to see Khalid park his Jag outside the stables.

Khalid entered the great room in time to see the two descend the staircase. His dark brilliant features lit in a white toothed smile. He bowed to Aisha, dressed in butter soft camel suede jeans and a white linen shirt that hugged her small waist, her feet in high heeled western style boots of brown kid leather. Merneptah grinned in approval as Khalid spoke,

“You are beautiful. Thank you for inviting me to your home.”

She answered in their speak perfectly, “Ala ElRahib Wa ElSaa

Khalid was surprised. He reached out to gather her into his arms. Merneptah pulled her aside, “No brother”.

He smiled sweetly into Khalid’s face. His caregiver stared back in mocked surprise. “Merneptah…brother what is this? I only mean to embrace this beautiful creature. She’s amazing. The Protectress has taught her well.”

“She has indeed. Nevertheless, understand me in this I will not allow you to treat Aisha as a common female to toy or to play with at your leisure. Your parents have spoiled you Khalid. I love you. You have been at my side since your birth, but I am aware of your need for pleasuring at anyone’s cost. I know our Aisha; she will suffer your poor behavior for my sake. Never approach her in such a casual manner. Remember always that she is my female and mate to your new Protector.” Merneptah’s voice deepened as he smiled, “Don’t push this with me. I thought I made my love for her clear to the entire tribe yesterday during my ascension.”

Khalid backed away; still smiling he looked intently into Merneptah’s eyes. “My apologies Merneptah…I forgot for a moment your love for Aisha. The embrace meant only as a welcome, to demonstrate my appreciation. I didn’t want to offend.”

“Merneptah!” Aisha hissed. “Please”.

She approached Khalid to give him a hug filled with warmth.

“My apologies, Merneptah is a little too protective at times. I’m sure you meant no harm.”

Merneptah beamed his acceptance of the situation, and then growled, “I’m behaving like some great cat protecting his territory…My apologies to the both of you.” Then booming in a voice that shook the timbers,

“Khalid! Come! We have food to prepare for Aisha’s guests. Has everything arrived for the preparation for my feast?”

“It has.” Khalid went to him immediately embracing Merneptah around the waist receiving a kiss for his efforts. Khalid spoke as he moved toward the pantry, “We have a lot of cooking ahead. Athtar and Arsay as well as your parents are coming.”

Merneptah turned, “Aisha how many people have you invited?”

She giggled, “I don’t remember. I was going to help you cook.”

“Never. Just come keep us company and learn our version of food for the soul.”

“Merneptah it is Soul food. How easy is that to remember?” she laughed as she caught up with his long strides.

“Whatever”. Lifting her into his arms, he planted his lips to hers. She laughed against his lips.

Aisha sat in fascination watching the two males cook. Never had she seen such skill and speed. They used her palette to taste their recipes. The staff arrived in great limousines timed perfectly with the completion of the supper. Khalid instructed them on what was expected. The Protectress Meretneith and her two males Ptah, and Saul arrived together.

Aisha’s heart was beating rapidly with excitement. She stood at the back door to receive Meretneith. Her great dog Sadik’s huge black form came bounding up the walk ahead of his mistress. Aisha stooped to fill her arms with the beast; then gave her mother a long and warm embrace. Ptah swept Aisha into his arms while Saul stood patiently waiting his turn. He was the last to enter and Aisha pulled him to her, caressing his lips with her own. He looked at her pleased and warmed by the greeting. He said, “Aisha your home is beautiful. Merneptah has done well.”

“I love it. It is small enough to feel like a home to me. I hope you come often.”

“Since you are inviting, I will. You must come to my home too. Promise me.” He smiled as he took her small waist in his hands.

“I promise.”

The staff busied themselves with setting the food in huge silver serving dishes on wheeled buffet carts. Merneptah, Ptah and Khalid went to the music room to bring guitars and acoustic piano to the great room. Aisha took Meretneith and Saul on a walkthrough of her new home. The trio returned to the great room in time to greet Arsay, Athtar and Huni. Aisha hugged each in turn. She looked around them for Huni’s sisters Athirat and Tanit.

“They’re with Anat. Anat didn’t want to come.” It was Huni’s smooth soft voice. Aisha rarely heard him speak and the sound was like magic. She stared at the tall blonde-haired male in amazement. His full featured face resembled an adult cherub like his father Athtar. Unlike his father, his hair was pure gold to match his incredible skin. It hung in waves to his waist. His eyes were huge oval blue orbs like his mother Arsay. He was as big as Merneptah. He was formidable and beautiful.

“Huni…why?” Aisha’s voice filled with disappointment.

“It’s not you Little One.” The incredible voice continued to speak to her “She wants to come later when you two can be alone”.

Aisha returned Meretneith’s stare. “I understand.” She really did not, but understood that Meretneith wanted her doubts kept silent.

Others began to arrive, each giving Aisha their gifts. The party began. The food was wonderful and everyone thanked Merneptah and Khalid. Aisha watched in amazement as Merneptah, Ptah, Huni, and Athtar begin their musical performance. There was dancing and laughter. The party lasted for hours, well into early morning. Then the guests began to depart, leaving only Aisha’s family and friends.

The females settled on the large leather sofa to listen to the music created by their males. A warm syncopated melody filled room. Merneptah drew his mother to the center of the room. Aisha watched with enjoyment as Meretneith’s hips swayed in perfect rhythm. She wore a full-length honey colored peasant skirt that hung low at the curve of hip. High-heeled sandals graced her feet. Her full breasts covered in gold silk cropped at the tiny waist. Merneptah’s hands slid smoothly around his mother’s waist. Their pelvic movements swung in unison. Twirling on the balls of her feet, Meretneith’s head snapped back in laughter, tossing the heavy waves of hair in the air. They danced until Ptah changed places with his son. Huni took the keyboards, Athtar with his smooth tenor sax, then Merneptah on his father’s guitar. Ptah pulled his sister close. Their dance moves mirroring each other as bodies meshed. Then pulling away Meretneith gestured for Saul. He signaled Merneptah to up the beat.

Merneptah began to play Aisha’s favorite electronic pop blending his voice with Huni. Saul began his bop and step. Meretneith was surprised and began to giggle mimicking his movements. Moving from side to side, he grinned spinning Meretneith around. She quickly caught on to the repetitive steps. Shoulders moving and arms above her head, Meretneith’s laughter came like the music. She was soon lost in the beat. Saul did a quick ball chain, catching her off guard, yet she quickly recovered the beat repeating the movement.

Then the music changed again as Merneptah gestured Aisha to dance for him. She started moving to the languid tones of his synthesizer and Athtar’s sax. Ptah quickly blended the music of his electric bass, Aisha’s hips moving slowly gyrating to his tones.

Feeling Meretneith’s arms, she pressed her lips to her mother’s cheek. Meretneith’s lips trailed to Aisha’s neck, remaining there in a long soft embrace. Gently stroking the small of Aisha’s back, their bodies flowed with the beat. Then Meretneith was gone and Aisha danced for her lover alone. As the music quietly died, Aisha seemed to awake from a beautiful dream. She went to her lovers arms giving him a long and loving embrace.

Settling into the arms of Arsay and Meretneith Aisha nestled into the leather sofa. The three females watched as Athtar picked up his electric bass guitar and began to strum a slow beat. They played their music until Re made his appearance. Ptah, standing in the center of the room, announced the time for sleep.

“Family, it’s time we retired to our rooms for a rest. Thank our beautiful host for opening her new home to us. Merneptah, my son, you have done well your home built with love. It is beautiful. You’ve made our beloved happy, so we’re happy.”

“Father shall we make breakfast for you before you sleep?”

‘No. I’m tired and so are my loves.”

Merneptah went to his father to receive his embrace. Their lips met gently; then Merneptah faced his Mother.


Meretneith smiled; “You have done well. My beautiful child Aisha is happy.”

Merneptah called to his caregiver. “Khalid please show our family to their rooms.”

Meretneith spoke, “Aisha gave us a walk through. You may take Arsay and her family to theirs. Saul you and Ptah have the choice of rooms outside mine. Arsay you are welcome to sleep with me if you prefer.”

Arsay silent for most of the night answered Meret, “I’d like that.” The two disappeared up the grand staircase, the males following close behind.

Merneptah and Aisha embracing watched their guests disappear. Occasionally the roar and laughter of Ptah rang through the house. After staff cleared the dinner things, Aisha watched the big limousines wind their way down the road to Ptah’s palace.

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