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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Why Creating Tasty Website Content is more tempting than a Cinnamon bun

The time it takes for you to sip on that delicious latte’ and munch a warm sweet buttery cinnamon bun, your website business can generate new leads…new business associates. All of the hype about SEOs, the power of clicks and the traffic generated on iDevices is all-true. Yet the reaping of success is when that truth results in a burgeoning client base. Your patrons will instantly respond to your verbal outreach…” Give us your tribulations and we can make whole your business needs.”

We all toss and turn at night, get up early and ruminate on what magic source will bring our businesses to the light and the masses…or clients to our website door. Once conveyed that offer to help can be as tempting to your new and old customers as a warm Cinnamon bun. Express that promise through well-worded inbound marketing, and you have a winning formula. It is important that your potential fan base understands how you intend to help them. In doing this, you are creating that important business reputation currency.

A concise well-written email campaign in conjunction with social network sites is important to achieving success. In today’s world of constant 24/7 information streaming. Web content and targeted email streaming must be instantly engaging and information loaded. Word count…counts. Keep the details of your premise short and sweet. The concept of information over load is a thing that has passed. Commerce movers are looking for ideas and solutions that come rapidly with sound data to support the deeds of their business.

An inbound marketing campaign pointing the way to a well-constructed landing page should contain well-placed CTAs or call to action words. This wins immediate attention. Find your proper niche by running your own small marketing campaigns using social media sites. Get analysis of what colors and graphics garner the most clicks and how many of those clicks prove actionable. Learn how to use winning affects for a website button to gather a favorable audience reaction. The subtleties in using page tints when posting content will bespeak your innate ability to understand the needs of your reader. No static page to land on rather beef it up with sliding graphics. It draws the eye while engaging readership to an important message. Reinforce your bona fetes as source expert with statistical numbers and source links.

Just as you study the data analysis of your marketing campaigns, your appreciative customers peruse then use that analysis for their businesses as well. With simplified numbers and graphs, it serves as actionable proof. This translates into instant gratification.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The New Release of Meretneith

This erotic thriller is about a beautiful 5,000-year-old female warrior known among her kind as the Protectress. Meretneith covertly leads the remnants of a civilization destroyed by Earth’s catastrophic land shifts over 500,000 years ago. Her highly evolved culture thrived long before humans walked upright to become an emotionally sentient race.  A warrior that fought in the ancient deserts of Kemet, the beauty now travels the world as a business leader and death dealer in Northern African deserts.

The first novel chronicles the events that shape then define the evolving relationships between a larger than life female warrior and her lover. He is her brother the god Ptah.  The eons old tribal mandates of fellowship and stewardship of Earth and human kind is about to reach its apex.  Their tribe prepares to receive the incarnation of a 5,000-year-old promise. He is Saul Ben Izrael a Chicago global financier who is the Chosen One.  

At first unaware of his legacy the emotionally cold and beautiful middle-aged giant male’s passions are awakened. Taking his mind and body by force Saul finds a new kind of lov
e in the arms of the god Ptah and the Protectress. Accepting the mantle as tribal leader Saul is emotionally and physically transformed, made powerful. Forming a triad of supreme warriors, they discover the truest meaning of commitment to each other and their tribes.

The Hyksos is the enemy. They are our only natural predator and as old as Earth. The Oldest of the Old are bent on the destruction or enslavement of human kind.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Bitcoin is a Commodity or New Flavor in Coin

In business since 1913 and acting under a dual mandate, The Federal Reserve Bank is the only privately own entity that guards the value of our dollar. The twelve regional Federal Reserves are the United States’ version of Europe’s Central Banking system. Their fiduciary responsible does not extend to the Bitcoin. Unlike the dollar, the Bitcoin does not have a sovereign’s promise of payments on goods and services. Created by no one knows, it is rapidly becoming a highly valued web based financial instrument. You can buy a Bitcoin wallet and go to a second marketer like eBay to participate in bids or purchases. You may even mine the Bitcoin on However, it does not hold the full faith and credit clause that governs our currency.

Millions are arguing the validity of its bona fetes. However, Bitcoin is not regulated in a highly unpredictable trading market. Therefore, if you are an investor who is in an “in it to it win it” frame of mind…best stay out. Watch and learn at least until a few of the ground rules are established. The highly leveraged wealth mangers are profiting in its volatility. In other words, they are sellers or buyers in a very fast moving Bitcoin commodity market.

To their aggressive investment clients, they offer Bitcoin only as a commodity. Day traders are having fun with this. The underlying premise of the Bitcoin is to be used as an online coinage. Try putting the coin to work as transactional currency online. It is not as to easy use as good old American legal tender. That will change.

There has sprung Bitcoin non-banks, Bitcoin Investment Trust . Many economic experts, including Alan Greenspan, view the rising value of Bitcoin as a bubble, shades of the Tech Bubble. When there is rapid movement of wealth to an unrealized future performance of any industry or commerce. Nasty financial things will always follow. This monetary behavior denotes an artificial pumping up of the true value of a commodity or business.

Hence, Bitcoin is still on the fence as to whether it will be a problem solver for the likes of Alternatively, be a problem creator for the investors silly enough to assume positions. Will Bitcoin usage become a future economic construct?

The mining for Bitcoin is profitable. Global “Y” generation is taking its value to new highs each day. Many investors have already acquired good returns on their original investment. Bitcoin has no intrinsic value liken to gold or silver. Yet consider for the price of a Bitcoin wallet, you can transfer any sum of money from anywhere in the world. For pennies on the dollar, the amount of the transfer is unregulated.

Regulation on the Bitcoin is still in discussion with investors split down the middle. Some fear that too aggressive regulation could mean a diminishment on ROI.

To say that Bitcoin is the new flavor in valued coin is still open to more discussion.

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